How to Build a Profitable Website

Welcome to This site contains a preview of my book:
Build a Profitable Online Business. Available chapters are switched each month. The available chapters for December are: Credibility, Credibility Pages and Action Steps.

This is a handbook in creating and running a web business. It contains a guide that will teach you the essentials of how to earn money online through a website. The guide is primarily intended for individuals who want to generate passive income by leveraging the Internet with a limited amount of time and money. However, most of the strategies involved apply equally well to companies and organizations alike.

This is a practical hands-on guidebook that will take you step by step through the process of establishing and promoting a money generating website. Whether you are new to online business – or already have several websites running – you will definitely learn a lot. The information here represents the very best in the industry gathered from hundreds of hours of study and practice in the field, all summarized into one concise book. To get the most out of this material, I advise you to read it from beginning to end first, and then a second time when you apply the strategies as you go along.

Let’s begin.

Mikael Olsson, Author