Content – How to Generate Content

Content Types

Text content is only one example of content you may have on your site. The various content types include:

  • Text – Articles, guides, stories, news, blog posts and reviews.
  • Audio – Audio programs, podcasts and music.
  • Images – Photos, graphics, info graphs, drawings and web comics.
  • Videos – Video seminars, YouTube videos and video tutorials.
  • Games – Online games, Flash games and mobile games.
  • Apps – Web tools and other web applications.

Text content has a distinct advantage in terms of increasing your search rankings. Therefore, you should always provide text along with your content, or better still include a plain text version of the content itself if possible.

Authoring High Quality Content

Visitors will not stay long at, return to, buy from or link to a poor quality site. The quality of your site and the value of your content need to be of the highest quality. If they are not, you will always be working upstream against the sites in your niche that are.

Your site does not necessarily have to be the best in its niche, but you should aim for it to be and give an impression of it being. People visiting your site should know that your site may very well be one of the best sites in its niche.

What to Write

From the Keyword Research chapter, you learned how to find out what people want to know within your niche and the keywords they use to express this to Google. In the chapter on Using Keywords, you learned how to use these keywords to optimize your Content pages. Now it is time to start creating the content in the Content type of your choice.

From a business standpoint, I recommend that you avoid creating content that becomes obsolete quickly and has little residual value, such as news. You want content that will be read more than once. Websites with interesting, focused and original content usually rank well, and so you should aim for that.

Content Generation

If you love writing, then creating your content personally can be both fun and profitable. You should know though, that you do not necessarily have to create the content yourself. Although this method does allow you full control over the content quality, it also requires a significant investment of time. Other ways of generating content include: delegation, collaboration, aggregation and user submissions.

  • Delegation – Hire experts in your field to create your content.
  • Collaboration – Work together with other people or sites to create content more quickly.
  • Aggregation – Collect and republish existing content. Make sure to first acquire the necessary licenses or permissions from the content owners before you do this.
  • User submissions – Allow visitors to submit their own content.
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