Profit Strategies – Making Money from a Website

A high traffic website is a powerful asset. It can become an automated money-making machine that works for you 24 hours per day, 365 days per year without pay – a business system that generates money, whether you work or not. It is a truly incredible system for generating cash flow.

Keys to Making Money Online

The three keys to making money from a website are:

  1. Traffic – The more visitors you have the more you stand to make from any monetization strategy.
  2. Value – No matter how many visitors you have, if your site does not have captivating content people will not stay on your site, let alone earn you any money.
  3. Monetizing strategies – The right combination of income strategies is essential to maximizing your profit.

Monetization Strategies – How to Make Money from your Site

There are five ways to monetize a site: donations, advertising, affiliate programs, services and products. These strategies will be discussed in detail in the chapters to come. Which strategies are most suitable for your site depends on its type. Generally, there are the following two combinations:

  • Content site – Advertising, affiliate programs and donations.
  • Ecommerce site – Selling products or services while running affiliate programs and ad campaigns.

Professional Ecommerce sites generally do not have advertising or accept donations, because it diminishes their credibility, which in turn reduces sales. Likewise, they do not join other sites’ affiliate programs, because they make a greater profit from selling their own products and running their own affiliate program.

For a Content site credibility is less of an issue, because it is not trying to sell the visitor anything. It can therefore make full use of the other income sources – advertising, affiliate programs and donations.

A Content/Ecommerce site can successfully make use of all five monetization strategies, but not on the same pages. The Sales pages should only derive income from selling products and services, while the Content pages can earn money from advertising, affiliate programs and donations.

Income Comparison

Selling products and services are undoubtedly the most profitable income strategies in terms of income per visitor. A well optimized Ecommerce site can earn anywhere in the range of 10-100 times the income of a Content site per visitor. However, a Content site, utilizing affiliate and advertising income, does have a much easier time attracting visitors. Therefore, a well marketed, quality Content site has the potential to earn just as much money as an Ecommerce site. As for donations, this is a poor monetization strategy at best.

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